… I think, wow, this is what it feels like to be 80. Oh yes, my main after nearly six months of play time has hit the big eight-oh. It was almost anti-climatic as I misfigured the EXP I was going to get from turning in a quest and it put me over when I thought I would still have to make a couple of kills. DING! Golden ring of light and the sparkle of an achievement! So though I didn’t get a screenshot, I can happily say that Lhian is now a grown woman making her way in Scourge-infected Icecrown, valiantly trying to save Bridenbrad from a fate worse than death! 

Someone hand me a tissue.

Some of you might say, “Pfft, you’re only just NOW hitting 80?” I know, six months, right? And I actually feel that I went quickly (had the RAF going from 1-60) though the last couple of levels seemed to take an excruitatingly long time. I bought a couple of epics to help get myself started on my way to heroics and did a a few BGs (is it just me or do they become a lot more fun at 80?).

I also did Wintergrasp for the first time. Hoo boy. Probably should have read something about it before ducking in to the place, but whatever, I’m 80, I’ll be fine.


I swear at one point I looked down at the field and saw a veritable sea of red nameplates and had a moment of unbridled fear. Oh, sweet mother of pearl, they’re tearing down the walls! They’re inside!

All in all, it was great fun, though the Horde did sadly lose the Keep that round. I suppose the bitter taste of defeat will keep me coming back for more.

Mostly, though, what I brought away from all this is that everything is before me. Hitting 80 was a big achievement for me. WoW is the first MMO I’ve ever played and Lhian is my first character. I’m proud of myself that I finally made it and excited about all the things I can do now. I’m going to take my time and explore the game and just generally have fun, something that I really need right now as I hit 80 right in the middle of my guild falling apart.

Yes, the amazing guild I’ve loved and cherished exploded this last week. It’s a situation I think many a guild has faced – a leveling/social guild with a great bunch of 80s that now want to raid, forcing the guild to come to some kind of conclusion about just what type of guild it is – leveling or raiding? Apparently there was some behind-the-scenes drama as well and our GM announced that he was leaving. He didn’t like the direction the guild was going in and had pulled the officers together to vote on a replacement. They chose our other “MT”, a player I had previously thought to be honest and mature.

Immediately after he was given GM rights, he kicked our previous GM out of the guild.

Now, there may be reasons for this that I’m not aware of, but to me I could not fathom why you would need to kick someone who has already stepped down. I understand he was going to leave anyway, but the kicking of the GM started a huge exodus, with the guild bleeding members right and left. Starting at about 280+ members, we now have 218. That’s a loss of at least 62 members in the last five or six days. The guild has now become a raiding guild – except, guess what! a lot of those people who left were 80s, I doubt we have the team for a full guild raid. More and more people keep leaving because of the drama and gchat is a dead horse, repeatedly kicked and still showing no life. I remain simply because I have no idea where I should go. Should I go guildless and hope to eventually find a new home? Or wait until I have something lined up? I’m torn and sad and angry over the whole thing, especially now that I here I am, 80 finally, and everyone who was waiting for me at the finish line has left.


Oh the emo, I know, but there’s something terrifically sad about the break up of your first guild, almost like that first boyfriend from high school you told “it’s not your fault, it’s mine” when it was really his fault.

Not that I ever did that or anything.

Oh, to be sixteen.

Anyway, so a lot has happened over the last couple of days, some good, some bad, some just plain ugly. I’m trying not to let the mess with the guild overshadow my happiness at finally being free of my EXP bar. Purple gear! BGs where I don’t get killed a bagillion times! Wintergrasp! Dailies! Getting my butt kicked at jousting! (And some of you might be questioning my inclusion of “Dailies” there, but how can you resist all that gold?)

In with the good, out with the bad, I always say.

Or at least I would if I was clever and wise.

Instead I say, “Screw it, I’m going to go raid Southshore!” and leave with a flounce.

My main resides, quite reluctantly, on a PVP server.

The reason this is, is because I was recruited by a friend of mine who was on this particular server, who had previously been recruited by another friend of ours on said server. WoW being my first MMO, I had no clue what I was doing, had no idea what this PVP or PVE thing was and simply joined the server my friends were on.

Needless to say, I learned real quick.

After running back to my corpse from the Tarren Mill graveyard for the hundredth time, I realized the frustration of “ganking”. I didn’t, and still don’t, like being “forced” to PVP. I like to control the when and where of it (which is probably why I will eventually try Arenas). I also like to control the who – enemy player within 2 or 3 levels of me? Great! Bring it on! Bored 80 out killing lowbies in Hillsbrad? Ugh, let’s go to Ashenvale. I get that all of this is a inherent part of being on a PVP server but as I didn’t get much choice in choosing my server, I feel I have a little (very small, mind you) right in complaining about it, from time to time. I could change servers, of course, but I have a fabulous guild I would never dream of leaving and a great core group of friends I enjoy playing with. No switcheroo for me.

Lately, however, I have been participating in [For the Horde!], the world PVP achievement that grants you an awesome Black War Bear and let’s you kill the leaders of all the major Alliance cities with 39 other people all throwing spells, punching macros, and screaming “Down with the Alliance!”

Never have I had so much fun.

I’ve been going as Holy and healing my little butt off, playing Whack-A-Mole with Healbot and grinning with manic joy as nearby Alliance come swiftly to protect their leaders. I get amazing satisfaction from standing to the side, throwing healy goodness around to the players protecting me by smashing incoming Alliance to small, itsy bitsy bits. I want to hug them and dance around with them and tell them how proud I am of them – wait, this is beginning to sound a little sappy, isn’t it?

Ahem. Anyway. Yes, killing! Rawr.

The first time I had done For the Horde! I had gotten achievements for all the cities except Stormwind. A nasty group of dwarfs ambushed me outside the tram to Stormwind and gave me a big ol’ Kiss of Doom, leaving me ghost-like while everyone else stormed Stormwind. I made it back for Darnassus and Exodar but missed getting my war bear. I was so upset with myself for dying and being so close to my goal. So last night, I joined another FtH group and we did Stormwind first.

CHA-CHING. War bear sitting pretty in my mailbox with a dear letter from Thrall that Lhian will cherish forever and ever, and maybe press between the pages of her diary.

Not that I have a crush on Thrall or anything.

I stayed in the raid for the rest of the cities and it was gloriously fun – everyone was so excited to get their bears and there was just generally a coehesive feeling of having a common goal, of comradery that I hadn’t really felt before. I really loved the experience and it has sort of changed my opinion of PVP. World PVP, at least, interests me and it wouldn’t be too surprising to see myself doing more of those kind of dailies just for the epic feeling it brings.

Except for that one in Hellfire where you basically just have to enter three towers. Now that is just lame. I’m sure even Thrall would think so.





It never fails that my mom will call while I’m in a instance.

I was running my friend’s level 47 Prot Pally through Stratholme this weekend when my phone rang. Now, let me give you some history about me and Strat. Basically, I couldn’t find my way through it with Atlas right in front of me and a glowing neon hand pointing the way. It’s like Wailing Caverns all over again. Or Blackrock Depths. Or Maraudon. Or those tricky cobblestone streets downtown. I’d been through it exactly once and it had been a run-through by the same friend’s main so all I had done was bubble every three minutes and tried not to die. I vaguely remembered a lot of mobs and a particular boss that had my friend’s pet attacking him until he was forced to kill it.

Surprise, surprise. Now I’m a level 78 Ret Pally (w/Holy offspec) and I can solo the place! My, how times have changed.

So, we head off and I am killing things left and right and loving it because, let’s face it, pallies loves them some undead on which they can vent their holy powers. I was having to drink a lot more than usual, I’m guessing because I was having to spam Consecrate. And my poor friend’s aggro radius was the side of the football field and he kept dying randomly but still, fun!

Then Mom calls.

“Hi, what are you doing?”

“Playing WoW. And I’m in an instance, ” I say, with just enough emphasis on the word so she would know she was interrupting something Very Important.

“Why doesn’t that surprise me? Anyway, did you get my text message earlier?”

I had but I had completely forgotten about it. She keeps chatting and I’m getting a little nervous now and I’m not really listening as I’m trying to kill stuff and taunt things off my friend before he goes splat. Finally, I have to say something before I have a heart attack.

“Mom, can I call you tomorrow? I’m about to get everyone killed.”

And this is were my Mom is made of awesome. She is a gamer herself (mostly console games, she loves her Xbox) but I’m slowly convincing her to get a trial account and make herself a baby character. She’s a teacher and has the summer off so she’s got time. Anyway, she doesn’t even ask, just says goodbye in a cheerful rush.

“Ok, havefuntalktoyoutomorrow!”

I love my Mom.

If only she would stop teasing me that the only reason I want her to get a WoW account is so that I can get a Zhevra. That’s a dastardly lie, Mom. I want you to have fun killing things and questing and loving critters. The Zhevra is just icing on the cake. Totally. Icing. Buttercream icing with the little sprinkles, but still icing.




So, I’m happily PUGing my way through Old Kingdom (and by “happily” I mean “OMG get me out of this place”) when a female BE mage whispers me and tells me I’m hot. Now, being as I’m female and I play a female BE paladin, I immediately guess that the female mage is played by a guy and thank him for the compliment. As it turns out, the player is indeed male and proceeds to tell me he wants to friend me. I tell him that’s fine – after all, despite how much I hate OK, we’d had a really good run and I geniunely liked everyone in the group. In fact, everyone decides to stay together and do VH next, so I head to Dalaran with this guy whispering to me that he “really likes talking to me” and that he hoped he wasn’t making me uncomfortable with his “friskiness”.

“Frisky”, come to find out, is apparently another word for “my annoying need to make crude jokes about my penis”. Seriously. He whispers me little “3”s and “<“s and “-“s to make a picture of his penis and laughs about his “morning wood”. When I fail to responds to these whispers, he asks “no comment?” to which I reply “were you looking for one?”

I don’t understand this behavior. I’m a girl, I play WOW – this is not an excuse to harrass me with porn jokes and be upset when I don’t jump on the bandwagon. I’m there to play the game. There are very few people I have long, whispered conversations with mostly, because – hey, guess what – I’m actually playing the game. My main, my very first character who I adore to bits, is 78 so I’m preoccupied at getting to 80 and feeling the results of all my hard work. I have no desire to validate this guy who, for some reason, thinks all his lewd comments should somehow embarress me or get a response out of me.

I’m not embarressed. I’m indifferent. I don’t care about you and your manwhore attitude. You’re a good player, I value you for what you bring to a instance but I could care less about the little symboly penises that you whisper to me. I’m not going to respond to those whispers because A) I’m busy and B) I don’t care.

I logged on early this morning to try my hand again at the Valiant Argent Tourney dailies. (Is it just me or do those Valiants try and lure you outside the ring so they can abruptly yell “I WIN!” when you go too far? The bastards…) Mr. Penis Guy whispers me again asking how I am. Okay, this is a good start. I say I’m fine but I’m sleepy. He says he’s the same and for a moment, I feel a welling of relief that the conversation is over and it was amazingly normal.

A minute later he adds “and I’m frisky lol”.

Can I say that I hate the word “frisky”? I mean, what is he, a puppy? Who says “frisky”? I don’t respond to this, obviously, because it’s annoying and I’m getting jousted right off my feathery little bird. As always, he whispers again a moment later and says “no comment?” Now I’m even more annoyed that he’s trying to get a response out of me and I reply with “it’s too early” to try and give him the hint that I don’t especially want to talk. He laughs and I give up on jousting for the moment to vent my frustration on wandering Scourge nearby (because dangit if I’m going to log off without a Valiant mark).

I’m sure I’m not the only female in the game to experience this behavior from a male player and that thought is really depressing. The game world reflects the real world, however, and if you’re a “frisky” asshole in real life, chances are you’ll be one in-game as well. I’m really pulling for Blizzard to institute some sort of option for your friends list to turn on/off whether or not your friends can see you online, sort of like AOL Messenger or MSN. There are times when I’d just like to do my dailies in solitude and it would be nice to have the option to make it look like I was offline.

Especially when someone is feeling “frisky”.