Would Yelling “THIS.IS.THE HORDE!” Be Too Weird?

July 14, 2009

My main resides, quite reluctantly, on a PVP server.

The reason this is, is because I was recruited by a friend of mine who was on this particular server, who had previously been recruited by another friend of ours on said server. WoW being my first MMO, I had no clue what I was doing, had no idea what this PVP or PVE thing was and simply joined the server my friends were on.

Needless to say, I learned real quick.

After running back to my corpse from the Tarren Mill graveyard for the hundredth time, I realized the frustration of “ganking”. I didn’t, and still don’t, like being “forced” to PVP. I like to control the when and where of it (which is probably why I will eventually try Arenas). I also like to control the who – enemy player within 2 or 3 levels of me? Great! Bring it on! Bored 80 out killing lowbies in Hillsbrad? Ugh, let’s go to Ashenvale. I get that all of this is a inherent part of being on a PVP server but as I didn’t get much choice in choosing my server, I feel I have a little (very small, mind you) right in complaining about it, from time to time. I could change servers, of course, but I have a fabulous guild I would never dream of leaving and a great core group of friends I enjoy playing with. No switcheroo for me.

Lately, however, I have been participating in [For the Horde!], the world PVP achievement that grants you an awesome Black War Bear and let’s you kill the leaders of all the major Alliance cities with 39 other people all throwing spells, punching macros, and screaming “Down with the Alliance!”

Never have I had so much fun.

I’ve been going as Holy and healing my little butt off, playing Whack-A-Mole with Healbot and grinning with manic joy as nearby Alliance come swiftly to protect their leaders. I get amazing satisfaction from standing to the side, throwing healy goodness around to the players protecting me by smashing incoming Alliance to small, itsy bitsy bits. I want to hug them and dance around with them and tell them how proud I am of them – wait, this is beginning to sound a little sappy, isn’t it?

Ahem. Anyway. Yes, killing! Rawr.

The first time I had done For the Horde! I had gotten achievements for all the cities except Stormwind. A nasty group of dwarfs ambushed me outside the tram to Stormwind and gave me a big ol’ Kiss of Doom, leaving me ghost-like while everyone else stormed Stormwind. I made it back for Darnassus and Exodar but missed getting my war bear. I was so upset with myself for dying and being so close to my goal. So last night, I joined another FtH group and we did Stormwind first.

CHA-CHING. War bear sitting pretty in my mailbox with a dear letter from Thrall that Lhian will cherish forever and ever, and maybe press between the pages of her diary.

Not that I have a crush on Thrall or anything.

I stayed in the raid for the rest of the cities and it was gloriously fun – everyone was so excited to get their bears and there was just generally a coehesive feeling of having a common goal, of comradery that I hadn’t really felt before. I really loved the experience and it has sort of changed my opinion of PVP. World PVP, at least, interests me and it wouldn’t be too surprising to see myself doing more of those kind of dailies just for the epic feeling it brings.

Except for that one in Hellfire where you basically just have to enter three towers. Now that is just lame. I’m sure even Thrall would think so.






2 Responses to “Would Yelling “THIS.IS.THE HORDE!” Be Too Weird?”

  1. Tamarind Says:

    I totally have a crush on Thrall, are you saying there’s something wrong with that? =P

  2. Lhian Says:

    Oh not at all! I just didn’t want to spread it around that Thrall is made of awesome-sauce, because then we’d have to share. >_>

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