It never fails that my mom will call while I’m in a instance.

I was running my friend’s level 47 Prot Pally through Stratholme this weekend when my phone rang. Now, let me give you some history about me and Strat. Basically, I couldn’t find my way through it with Atlas right in front of me and a glowing neon hand pointing the way. It’s like Wailing Caverns all over again. Or Blackrock Depths. Or Maraudon. Or those tricky cobblestone streets downtown. I’d been through it exactly once and it had been a run-through by the same friend’s main so all I had done was bubble every three minutes and tried not to die. I vaguely remembered a lot of mobs and a particular boss that had my friend’s pet attacking him until he was forced to kill it.

Surprise, surprise. Now I’m a level 78 Ret Pally (w/Holy offspec) and I can solo the place! My, how times have changed.

So, we head off and I am killing things left and right and loving it because, let’s face it, pallies loves them some undead on which they can vent their holy powers. I was having to drink a lot more than usual, I’m guessing because I was having to spam Consecrate. And my poor friend’s aggro radius was the side of the football field and he kept dying randomly but still, fun!

Then Mom calls.

“Hi, what are you doing?”

“Playing WoW. And I’m in an instance, ” I say, with just enough emphasis on the word so she would know she was interrupting something Very Important.

“Why doesn’t that surprise me? Anyway, did you get my text message earlier?”

I had but I had completely forgotten about it. She keeps chatting and I’m getting a little nervous now and I’m not really listening as I’m trying to kill stuff and taunt things off my friend before he goes splat. Finally, I have to say something before I have a heart attack.

“Mom, can I call you tomorrow? I’m about to get everyone killed.”

And this is were my Mom is made of awesome. She is a gamer herself (mostly console games, she loves her Xbox) but I’m slowly convincing her to get a trial account and make herself a baby character. She’s a teacher and has the summer off so she’s got time. Anyway, she doesn’t even ask, just says goodbye in a cheerful rush.

“Ok, havefuntalktoyoutomorrow!”

I love my Mom.

If only she would stop teasing me that the only reason I want her to get a WoW account is so that I can get a Zhevra. That’s a dastardly lie, Mom. I want you to have fun killing things and questing and loving critters. The Zhevra is just icing on the cake. Totally. Icing. Buttercream icing with the little sprinkles, but still icing.